Information for your yoga practices

To help and support your spiritual journey, we have posted some information. The below information includes how to do bow pose, naadi shodhana pranayama and more...

bow pose

Bow pose

Dhanurasana making your heart, kidneys and endocrine systems healthy...

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Nadi shodhana pranayama

Nadi shodhana pranayama

The Sanskrit word nadi means 'psychic passage' or specific pathway'...

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Nadi shodhana pranayama II

Nadi shodhana, stage-II

Nadi shodhana stage II should follow directly after stage I. They should b...

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Nadi shodhana pranayama advance

Nadi shodhana, II advanced

The essential requirement of nadi shodhana is slow, deep and rhythmi...

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Nadi shodhana pranayama III

Nadi shodhana, stage III

Do stage I of nadi shodhana. A few minutes practice through each nostri...

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what is guru

What is Guru

The Sanskrit word guru means 'remover of darkness and ignorance'. It i...

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what is chakra

Introduction to Chakra

Chakra is the pranic centre within the human framework. In each per...

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Popular yoga trekking courses

''Welcome for your lifetime experiences in the Himalayas !''

Nagarkot yoga trek in Nepal

Nagarkot yoga trek

If you are looking for very easy & short hiking around Kathmandu with lots of fun, then this ...

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poon hill yoga trek in Nepal

Poon hill yoga trek

Wonderful opportunity to witness the beauty of the Annapurna range and the hidden treasures ...

8 days ◙ Read more
Gosaikunda yoga trek, Nepal

Holy Gosaikunda yoga trek

A holy journey that should prepare one to celebrate life. We invite you to participate ...

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Langtang valley trekking in Nepal

Langtang valley yoga trek

Exhilarating yoga trek to hidden gem with colorful views of the beautiful villages, high Himalayas ...

10 days ◙ Read more
Annapurna base camp trek in Nepal

Annapurna base camp trek

Fulfill physical exercise while strengthening and opening the mind for greater relaxation and ...

12 days ◙ Read more
Everest base camp yoga trek in Nepal

Everest base camp trek

Truly a lifetime dream trip for many travelers, reveals probably the most awe-inspiring vistas ...

15 days ◙ Read more